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Jul 16 2017

Promises, promises I know only one who can keep them.

All of G-d’s promises are yes and amen. In my previous post, I re-edited a section to apologize for any misunderstanding.  The light was not Lucifer’s problem his heart and his desire was.  If he was transporting G-d with him through the congregation, then it began as righteous anger among those who claimed to understand …

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Jul 06 2017

Why Pyramids?

You may find this a tad humorous, it is in the best interest of all that we understand above all God loves HIS creation. HE is the great educator and communicator. HE made humans a little lower than the angels but placed within them HIS breath and made us into HIS image. Never forget G-d saw the …

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Jul 02 2017

How does this happen here in America of all Places?

It is because the people responsible for it originally are still very much among us, they are not preachers or teachers of G-d’s word but merely puppets of Satan and his work pretending they are serving G-d using the Son’s name in vain. History repeats itself because we fail to learn from it the first time. Satan …

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Jun 10 2017

What the devil hides proves the reality of it all.

When Jesus approached me in 2009 HE led me to uncover what was hiding in Egypt and reveals the truth of the battle.  It is because of this one thing that the whole earth mourns. For this shall the earth mourn, and the heavens above be black: because I have spoken it, I have purposed …

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Jun 04 2017

The Four Faces of the Cherubim.

Ezekiel encounters the Cherubim and describes them as having four faces.  The original light bearer Lucifer a covering Cherub had only one until he betrayed G-d and then he became two-faced! Add the antichrist into the mix and now we have four faces. One who loves and honors G-d and the last to scare up …

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May 21 2017

This news is the only news we need to know!

Jesus is Lord the Plan of God. A story that never changes and brings hope and comfort to all. You can be sure what Jesus did for you was not fake. While Politics has become like the World Wrestling Federation only the less gifted believe it. Below I have placed four YouTube video’s one deals …

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May 12 2017

Confusion is not of G-d Flat Earthers Why Now?

Fact or fiction? Truth or lie? Jesus said this of our enemy Satan is a liar and the father of them John 8:44.  In this passage, several things stand out one that has always intrigued me as it should any discerning individual when it comes to spiritual truths.  To call him a murderer from the beginning …

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May 06 2017

HE Raised Up The Dust To Worship HIM

We are told of a war that takes place before man is introduced to the world, a free will agent who carried the Spirit of G-d throughout the congregation. He rebels and insists there is no Son and to worship HIM is unnecessary to have a society. YE of little faith. G-d knew HE would have to …

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