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Sep 11 2017

66 Books 40 different writers over 1,500 years.

The third six reveals the harlot. The Bible is composed of 66 books by 40 different writers over 1,500 years, yet it has one consistent storyline running all the way through, and it has just one ultimate author — G-d This image below is bookmarked 56 raised crop circles making up the book. The bookmark …

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Sep 10 2017

Is any sick among you?

Proverbs 25:2  It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter. 25 x 2 = 50 Fifty is the Pentecost the beginning of the HOLY SPIRIT falling upon HIS Church and empowering the believers; it is this manifestation of G-d’s Spirit to equip …

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Sep 04 2017

Don’t misquote or misunderstand Pre-Adamic.

The object is to bring repentant transformed souls into the kingdom of G-d, to build bridges not trenches to lift up and not hold down. Wisdom is knowing the truth and explaining it properly. The featured image is of the seven Phoenix lights taken on March 13, 1997. In G-d’s chambers are seven lamps/lights a Phoenix …

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Sep 04 2017

It is never what you are expecting, Jews wanted a King like David.

Instead, they received a meek man who loved us all, including HIS enemies, HE was harshest against the priests of HIS day because they were blind to the truth of the WORD and who the WORD was pointing to… HIM! Now wonder they wanted Barabbas released, like the people of Babylon who sought Nimrod because of …

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Aug 24 2017

Shining Light on the “Falling Away”

Peace in the middle east is not about giving land or taking land away. Zionism was used to get them back into the Land to set the stage for Anti-Christ the instrument to be used on the wicked,  it is about sending a message to the world that Jesus Christ is on HIS WAY.  HE IS …

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Aug 21 2017

My stepfather the carpenter…Revised

The story of G-d has been written into my life,  I do feel honored and at the same time a little apprehensive.   Coincidentally I work in the transportation industry??? So what do I know about leadership?  I do know good leadership when I see it and hear it, they usually have a membership of …

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Aug 14 2017

The oldest profession in the world is…

Not what you think,  but this one is what led to the other which is equally as nasty. The first four chapters of Proverbs deals with the need to obtain and cling to wisdom as one would cleave and love a woman. Just as important as the first four commandments in the ten. Chapter five warns …

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Aug 13 2017

Provoking to Anger not Wise at all.

G-d does not like to be provoked to anger, but sin does that. It is the rejection of truth for a lie.  G-d loves us and HE walks in the fullness of truth. The promise of the HOLY SPIRIT is that when HE comes to us HE is there to lead us into all truth. …

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