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Nov 15 2017

Saving the Best for Last

It is the moment at the end of a good movie or story the best is revealed a good chick flick is what the world really needs,  a tear jerker for all. As Christians, we know G-d our Father has saved the best for last.  In fact, we are told that we will enter his …

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Aug 31 2017

Brainwashed and television deceived.

I believe in a G-d who is able to speak the worlds into existence, who wanted a family. Let’s face it being alone really is miserable, I envy those big families that stay together because they have a common focal point that keeps drawing them to do so. When G-d insisted on HIS angels to worship HIS …

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Jul 06 2017

Why Pyramids?

You may find this a tad humorous, it is in the best interest of all that we understand above all God loves HIS creation. HE is the great educator and communicator. HE made humans a little lower than the angels but placed within them HIS breath and made us into HIS image. Never forget G-d saw the …

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Jun 27 2017

Something Smells Fishy

Cat’s love fish and the Lion is part of the cat family, it was the Lion of the tribe of Judah who called his first disciples to follow HIM, and HE would make them fishers of men. It wasn’t the church leadership that he went to.  He chose the fisherman for a reason because it makes …

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Jun 13 2017

Now That’s How to Hide a Pyramid!

No one gets hurt, no slave labor, no false gods needing to be served,  no eighteen hour days for over four hundred years and that was just in Egypt.  He has places all over the earth where he ruled from kind of like vacation summer homes where he had pyramids built too.   You have to hand …

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Jun 03 2017

My GMO diet because real food is not as good as the fake stuff, right Lou?

I have read and watched programs that showed tumors in mice and cancers found in rats who have been fed genetically modified food.  Children have had allergic reactions illnesses and hyperactivity due to the increased market saturation.  If insects and cattle refuse to eat it why do we? I purchased some watermelon slices the other …

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May 08 2017

Question’s for flat Earthers.

What is the force that holds the different atoms together that make up each element of the periodic table? When looking at the observable planets why are there not large boulders or chunks of ice falling off at their southern poles? When traveling on a bus at 60 mph and you drop a pencil in the …

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Apr 27 2017

Flat or Round I’m Heaven Bound

Has G-d given us something better than the effigy of the lion of the tribe of Judah found being hidden in Egypt? Has HE provided us with a greater view of the intelligent design showing evidence of accountability?  That everyone of us will stand before the great throne of G-d? I do love Jesus, don’t …

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