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Sep 18 2017


The featured image is the twelve stones, found on the breastplate of the high priest each stone represents a tribe of Israel. The enemy said he would take the Son of G-d and make HIM his pet if HE ever showed up.  Father no doubt said HE would rise up the dust of the ground …

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Sep 04 2017

It is never what you are expecting, Jews wanted a King like David.

Instead, they received a meek man who loved us all, including HIS enemies, HE was harshest against the priests of HIS day because they were blind to the truth of the WORD and who the WORD was pointing to… HIM! Now wonder they wanted Barabbas released, like the people of Babylon who sought Nimrod because of …

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Aug 30 2017

Eyes to See and Ears to Hear…Testing, testing are these things working?

Men over several years have been bearing witness to seven lamps or balls of light. The Phoenix lights of Arizona were seven in total and FYI a Phoenix was a bird used in the early church to symbolize resurrection.  Senator John McCain from Phoenix Arizona in 2008 secured our Jubilee funds. Nothing says revival better than a jubilee. …

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Aug 27 2017

New Patch On An Old Garment.

Reasons why the world has lost its way. Mark 2:21-22 (21)  No man also seweth a piece of new cloth on an old garment: else the new piece that filled it up taketh away from the old, and the rent is made worse. (22)  And no man putteth new wine into old bottles: else the …

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Aug 20 2017

The Two Jesus’s?!?

Is G-d divided against himself? I for one know HE is not.  HE makes it very clear that HE never changes that HE is the same yesterday. today, and forever. So what HE hated in the old testament HE hates today.  Those who have truly come under the blood are under HIS grace and mercy, …

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Aug 06 2017

Having A Lazarus Moment

The Bible clearly reveals that we are the “Walking Dead” and it’s not the theatrical version,  today our society has a stronger draw to the subject of death and none towards the subject of life.   We are all like Lazarus before meeting the Master who summons us to awaken to life and life more …

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Jul 28 2017

To commemorate shark week let’s discover.

A shark is a finely honed killing machine that never stops moving. Its prey is smaller fish and seals.  It smells blood and is drawn to sounds that appear as a fish incapacitated to swim like a human thrashing about.  One thing is certain they do not have clubs to stop this behavior as seen …

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Jul 23 2017

Why Lucifer Failed, Why I Won’t.

We know that G-d left HIS throne and came to us as a child born in a manger a place where animals slept and defecated. HE Jesus Christ is G-d incarnate, HE became lowly and humble, and the world stood confused, except for those who were in the know and they were few.  The religious …

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