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Lord of the Ring is not Lord of the Bring

G-d desires that none should perish that all come to repentance. Genesis 49:9-10 (9)  Judah is a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up? (10)  The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor …

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Tell me why it is and I will set the world a blaze with Jesus.

Why is it that those who claim to be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT gravitate away from the word people?  Those who know that G-d’s word will stand forever, who believe Jesus is LORD, They do not use HIS name in vain and put money into reaching others with the word which tells us our need to …

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Open Letter to Militia Men Everywhere.

I appreciate every one of you that desire to protect our freedoms. As many of you are aware, there is a sinister plot to take them away and make us slaves to the elite rulers above us who profit from our labors and hard work.   Let’s face it American’s make way to much money for them. …

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Last Post Apology

As a ready writer for the Lord, I can place up a lot of words and shadow the point I was trying to make some of you may have gotten it,  others not so easy. Summation: Those who claim more of the Spirit of G-d in them gravitate away from those who stand on the …

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Crime In the Church

When did it become a crime to open the word of G-d up to the world or to lift up the name of Jesus? The crop circle made by a supernatural hand is a book with 56 raised outer markings with the marker on verse 4.  You have to hand it to those aliens they know …

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There is POWER in the BLOOD and more Precious than Crude Erl.

Oil that black gold that Texas Tea the very creatures the devil used to insult G-d with when he started to build his new world order. Have made it so we can expose him and set the lost free. Everything that has life has a circulatory system designed to keep vital organs alive.  The earth …

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My AG pastor gave a great message on the subject of deception, so I wanted to do a post on the subject. People who deceive are people who do not care about others. They do not fear any judgment and socially show no remorse for their deception. We have laws that protect us from buying bad cars …

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Fresh Water

In my last post, I quoted a great man by the name of U.S. Abell a  great man with a  great name which I like for some odd reason?  He said, ” When a teacher ceases to be a learner he ceases to become a teacher.  Why should not the pupils drink from running brooks instead …

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