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Naming Demons

Is it important to know who you are dealing with it or can you just be filled with G-d’s HOLY SPIRIT place the word of G-d in your heart and not even give them a second thought? I do want to say this about the video that was made dealing with the Kundalini spirit concerning the Toronto …

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The KUNDALINI spirit?!?

To Be honest, I just heard about him last night after inviting a friend to a Todd Bentley revival, I appreciate people who watch after my soul.   You can always tell who loves you when they are concerned for your soul. That is why I know that if someone is living in a state of sin …

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Without faith a recipe for disaster

To those who have faith.  Do you believe G-d can do anything? Do you think HE can undo Satan’s Handiwork? There, of course, are always going to be unbelievers which war against the believing, they smile and nod their head at our faith because they can only believe in what they see.  Whatever you do, …

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Not looking for the approval of the Jesuit Judas

G-d has made HIS decision clear so why has no one rallied to lift up Jesus and open up the word to the lost? The whole world could see them and many have.   The unbelievers have more faith in them than believers do. If there was some way, we can show the word that they point too. …

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There is POWER in the BLOOD and more Precious than Crude Erl.

Oil that black gold that Texas Tea the very creatures the devil used to insult G-d with when he started to build his new world order. Have made it so we can expose him and set the lost free. Everything that has life has a circulatory system designed to keep vital organs alive.  The earth …

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The Right Hand of G-d, Finds out all of G-d’s Enemies

Sitting at the right hand of G-d is HIS only begotten SON Jesus who was birthed by a Jewish virgin woman named Mary when the HOLY SPIRIT came upon her. She was betrothed to Joseph her conception comes before her marriage so we know she is a virgin she also confesses that truth to the …

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Wrapped in Patriotism Ignorant in Truth.

I love America and what it once stood for but this is no longer the country my stepfather fought for in WWII. In fact, it is becoming exactly what he fought against.  Adolph Hitler may not be with us but his fascist ideals are alive and well. Unlike heaven, we did not require repentance from all …

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How does this happen here in America of all Places?

It is because the people responsible for it originally are still very much among us, they are not preachers or teachers of G-d’s word but merely puppets of Satan and his work pretending they are serving G-d using the Son’s name in vain. History repeats itself because we fail to learn from it the first time. Satan …

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